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Our Story

"While most technology companies started from a garage, we started from a college dorm."

AGbotics was founded to provide practical and efficient solutions to the industry of robotics. Originating from an area in West Virginia where engineering resources were limited, we've been forced to seek practical and cost-effective methods in developing our projects. This has consequently fueled a level of innovation and practicality coveted by businesses all around the world. From selling robotics parts out of a dorm, we've expanded to licensing our designs and hardware to companies with a wide range of applications.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” –Leonardo da Vinci

Thomas Anderson

Thomas Anderson

Founder / Software Engineer

Ryan Gross

Ryan Gross

Founder / CAD Engineer

Our Projects



PROTO1 is a humanoid robot developed by AGbotics resulting in over three years of development. From each failure, we've inched closer and closer to what's now an incredibly simple and reliable design. PROTO1 rivals other humanoid robots in strength and dexterity while costing only a fraction to manufacture, making it suited for robotic applications such as hospice, prosthesis, research, and commercial purposes.
Leap Motion Visualizer

Leap Motion Controller

Utilizing a Leap Motion Controller, we've developed a simplistic method of control for PROTO1's hand. Without the use of wires or a glove attached to the user, we've innovated upon Leap Motion's infrared technology to have PROTO1 precisely mimic the user's finger and wrist movements.