Is everything provided for me to get started?

Yes! We provide you with a fully assembled and functional hand, along with everything you need to get started right away. The only thing you'll need is the Arduino IDE to get started programming!
Arduino IDE

How is the product manufactured/developed?

We utilize the innovative method of 3D printing to lower costs while providing the same and more functionality of other companies. The product is printed in Carbon Fiber PLA for a sturdy build and sleek matte black look. In addition, each product is quality control tested before shipment, assuring your product is fully functional and of the utmost quality.

How do I upload code/program the arm?

The AGbotics Hand utilizes an Arduino-compatible board meaning you're able to upload code and program the arm just as you would with any Arduino!
Getting started with Arduino

What sensors can I use with the arm?

You can use a variety of sensors (such as voice recognition or motion detection) that are compatible with the Arduino platform or find a creative way to implement other sensors (ex. Leap Motion Controller).

Is this compatible with any software other than Arduino?


Where can I find programs to upload to the arm?

You can find programs on our Github! We hope for people to be creative and contribute their own unique programs as well!

I can't upload to the Arduino / It's giving me an error

As there are many answers that can contribute to this question, Arduino has a fantastic troubleshooting guide to properly solve any problems you may be facing.
Troubleshooting with Arduino